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cyber crime

Protecting your business against cyber crime

Parks are far from immune when it comes to cyber security breaches and attacks.

If something like this happened to you and your business, what would you do? Could you handle it internally? Or would you need help? If so, where and who would you turn to for support?

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When you take out a commercial business insurance policy one of the most important things to get right is your “Sums Insured”, which specify the total amount you’ll be insured for across the various ‘parts’ (sections) of your policy.

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rodent and vermin

Rodent and vermin damage

For a rat or mouse in need of warmth and shelter, there is A LOT to like about empty hire fleet units. This is especially the case when parks are quiet and there’s not too many people around – be this during the winter months or, more topically at the moment, during lockdown.

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