Insuring Your Customers

Compass understands that your customers are your livelihood. We also understand that a customer’s loss can easily result in a loss for (or interruption to) your business.

That’s why we incorporated park owners’ feedback when designing our specialist holiday caravan and residential park home cover for your private owners.

We can help you to sell our private owner’s cover directly as an Appointed Representative or you can introduce the cover as an Introducer Appointed Representative and we will do the rest of the work.

Appointed Representative

We provide Appointed Representatives with dual branded marketing materials to promote Compass insurance. Using our bespoke insurance portal, you can sell directly and administer policies to your customers.

  • You are in full control of your customers’ insurance portfolios.
  • You have full visibility of your customers’ insurance status.
  • Retention rates for renewing customers are generally higher than they are for Introducer Appointed Representatives.

Introducer Appointed Representative

We provide our Introducer Appointed Representatives with marketing materials to introduce compass insurance to your customers. Holiday and residential park home owners can then arrange their insurance directly with Compass.

  • You don’t have to be involved in the management of your customers’ insurance portfolios (which are instead directly managed by Compass.)
  • You and your staff are not required to undertake 15 hours’ annual Continued Professional Development.
  • There is comparatively less compliance oversight for an Introducer Appointed Representative park than for an Appointed Representative park.

To find out about becoming an Introducer or Appointed Representative contact us today on 0344 274 0276

Document Downloads

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